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Welcome to the School of Foreign Languages of Jimei University!

   The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Jimei University was established in April of 2004 as a result of the merger of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Teachers’ College and the College English Department. SFL is currently composed of one comprehensive office and seven departments: English Department, Japanese Department, Business English Department, College English Department I, College English Department II, College English Department III, and Marine English Teaching and Research Department, including one Research Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies and two centers — the Language Service Center and the Language Lab Center.

   The SFL offers three undergraduate programs: English, Translation and Japanese, and these studies lead to a Bachelor Degree. It also offers two postgraduate programmes: Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and World Literature in collaboration with the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and Master of Arts in English Education which is being planned and processed at the moment. By December, 2014, the total enrollment of full-time students has reached 1145. The three departments of College English contribute to the teaching of College English in other schools or colleges of the University, while the Marine English Teaching and Research Department is responsible in the Navigation Institute.

   At present, SFL has a qualified teaching and administrative staff of approximately 156, including 135 teachers (43 professors and associate professors, 88 instructors, seven teachers having a doctoral degree, seven teachers studying for a doctoral degree and 101 having a master’s degree), eight technicians and 13 full-time administrators. Besides, the School employs more than 10 international teachers every year.

   In recent years, SFL is able to raise the necessary funds for the construction of basic teaching facilities, and has initially built a fully functional, adequate, and stable set of teaching facilities. Now it constructed 11 language labs equipped with 650 seats, eight Oral English teaching classrooms with 320 seats, three computer classrooms with 680 seats for self-study, 25 classrooms with multimedia, one simultaneous interpreting training lab, and one computer-aided translation teaching lab. It has also established an FM listening test system covering three buildings and 202 classrooms set for simultaneous listening test for 20,000 students. An online platform for foreign language learning and teaching is now available. The Language Lab Center has stored a (wealth of) vast teaching resources such as VCD, DVD and tape records. The teaching facilities are estimated to be worth 8 million RMB. All these first-class facilities and services speed up the reform for foreign language instruction and enhance the teaching quality as well. At present, the SFL Library which was donated by Wang Hanzhang, a renowned patriotic overseas Chinese from Singapore, has a total collection of more than 20,000. This rich collection is accessible to students and teachers for study and research.

   SFL has always been committed to the development of discipline, the upliftment of faculty competence, the improvement of teaching facilities, and the enhancement of teaching quality and educational level. With competent and qualified faculty, sound teaching facilities and high teaching quality, the School has gained international recognition for its remarkable accomplishments and is now developing faster than ever. The mission or focus of the School of Foreign Languages is primarily for educational reform. This means the School seeks to modernize educational ideology, teaching theories and methods, and to cultivate to a high level of expertise the talent of any qualified individual who has a strong sense of historical mission and social responsibility – someone who is full of spirit, innovation, and practicality.

   Graduates of SFL have a solid foundation of foreign language knowledge and the professional expertise. Therefore, they have always been welcomed by the society, and the employment rate of graduates is as high as 90% each year.

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