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Veg Water – J.F. Rabbits


A new category of healthy soft drinks

All of us know how important is hydration in daily life. And in this world full of sugar drinks and products we have to take conscious about our health. Trying to keep away processed products and drinking enough water everyday is the minimun we can do easily, so that’s the reason I want to discover you a new water drink without no sugar or high calories. The perfect one to stay hydrated while enjoying a great natural taste.

J.F. Rabbits is the brand that has been pioneering a new category of soft drinks, creating healthy flavoured waters using only fresh juice and water.

I’ve tried veg water in 3 flavours:

Cucumber: Crisp cucumber water for a fresh pick me up.

Ginger: Zinging ginger water for some spicy stimulation.

Beetroot: Earthy beetroot water for an earthy detox.

The first thing catched my attention was the charming colors of the water (as you can see in the picture) and second thing was the few calories each bottle had (less than 10 kcal/bottle).

The taste is really nice. My favorite one was the crispy cucumber… so refreshing! I also added a little of veg water to my daily natural juice fruits and smoothies… you have to try it!

JF Rabbits veg water is such a good option for you and your family!

Have you tried them?

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