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Make It a Valentine’s Day to Remember – with the Right Question

Valentine's Day What could be more romantic than expressing your love on the ultimate day of love? So, if you are planning on popping the question this Valentine’s Day, here how a few fun, and romantic, proposal ideas to help truly sweep them of their feet.

While a dozen red roses and a decadent box of their favourite chocolates will no doubt do the trick on Valentine’s Day, if you want to make the day – and the proposal – that much more special, take a look at our list of Valentine’s Day engagement ideas to help inspire your special proposal and make the very most of the 14th of February.

  • Sweeten the Question with Hearts

Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like those delicious candy conversion hearts, does it? So, why not lay out a trail from your front door to your special proposal spot where you and your ring await. You could include a giant heart-shaped paper sign that says “Will you marry me?” for extra romantic affect. Don’t have a ring yet? Simon West Fine Jewellery is the finest source of the best handmade engagement rings in Melbourne so make sure to check their selection.

  • Create a Count Down

In the 14-day run up to Valentine’s Day, try creating a count down by giving your beloved something creative and special each day, be it a set of heart-printed pyjamas and socks, or heart-shaped candy. On the special night, cook her favourite dinner for her and pop the question as special gift number fourteen.

  • Beautiful Snow Sign

Is it snowy and cold where you live? Take full advantage! Find somewhere that is blanketed in snow, like a picnic area, field, or park. Create an outline of a massive heart and place your initials in the centre of the heart. Pack flasks of delicious cocoa and take your lovely lady on a winter walk, leading her to “stumble upon” the snow heart. Give her a minute to take it in, and then drop to one knee to propose.

  • Spread the Love

Get a box of small Valentine’s cards, or make a few, and write a reason on each one why you love your partner, or even write about a shared memory. Plant the cards everywhere you can think of: purses, pockets, cupboards, the car, and even the fridge. Present the biggest and final card at the end of the day with the words, “Marry Me?” written on it.

Valentine's Day

  • A Flowery Proposal

You can’t go wrong with roses on Valentine’s Day, can you? So, spread those petals everywhere – the bed, the bath, in the car, in shoes, wherever you can think of. Then, wake her up, or have her come home, to her petal wonderland and you waiting on bended knee with a ring.

  • Up High

If you live in a snowy region, try planning a romantic ski weekend over Valentine’s Day. Hop aboard a two-seater ski lift with your partner and casually pop the question as you sail over the beautiful white mountains. Then, ride that lift down and pop the champagne.

  • Be Charming – More Than Usual!

If she loves jewellery, why not pick out the perfect charm bracelet with a charm to represent inside jokes, shared memories, and significant times in your relationship. Or, pick a simple heart-shaped charm and inscribe the words “marry me” and the date on it.

Share with us your thoughts and ideas on how to pop the question on Valentine’s Day in the comment section.