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Some inspiration for today! All from interior, lace and white shades, accessories that I have on my wishlist for a while…etc! By the way… I have good news! Guess what? This Friday I’ll travel to Paris!! A lot of pics of this city are coming soon! Stay tuned on facebook and instagram!

Venga, ¡un poco de inspiración para hoy!
Algo de decoración de interiores, encaje y ganchillo, cositas varias que tengo en mi wishlist y un claro anhelo de temperaturas cálidas y veraniegas. De momento, en apenas 48 horas viajaré a París y cruzo dedos para que el clima esté de mi parte…¡allá voy!

35 thoughts on “Today’s inspo”

  1. Ania T. says:

    amazing ♥

  2. Laura says:

    lovey inspo <3

  3. angelaah91 says:

    great inspiration for today 🙂

  4. Julia Goch says:

    Great <3
    Have a nice day! Mój blog/ KLIK :))

  5. ana claudia casanova says:

    awesome choices
    *hugs da Naipes*

  6. Beauty Unearthly says:

    Really interesting post…thx for sharing!

  7. Aydita says:

    Me gustan las gafas!

  8. Adriana says:

    Great inspiration!

  9. Pooja Mittal says:

    those sunglasses and lace bra's , amazing
    keep in touch

  10. Raquel Jiménez Bisutería says:

    el atrapasueños es precioso, pásalo bien en París.

  11. Ewelinachiclifestyle Ewelina says:

    fantastic inspirations

    Lots of love
    Ewelina xoxoxoxo

  12. says:

    Thanks! You too! <3

  13. Annelise Golfarelli says:

    Hermosas inspiraciones, me encantan!

  14. Manuela Piñeiro says:

    Such beautiful inspirations, huh?
    Excited you are going to Paris, I've never been there… really wanna go one day! Waiting on the pics!


  15. says:

    Yes! I love them too!

  16. says:

    Thanks Adriana!

  17. says:

    Thank you for visiting!

  18. says:

    Thanks Amy! Love the new design of your web too!

  19. says:

    Thanks Monika!

  20. says:

    You must go to Paris! What a magical place! My pics are coming soon!

  21. says:

    Gracias Raquel!

  22. Tanya says:

    I like it.

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