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The Best Tips For Accessorising For Homecoming

The Best Tips For Accessorising For HomecomingWhat to wear, or how to wear a dress is an age-old question for homecoming girls. Of course, knowing how to accessorise is a big deal, too. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.

When it comes to picking jewellery, clutches, and heels, you should try to coordinate the shine with the colour of your homecoming dress. If your dress isn’t very glittery, pick a sparkle of your choice. Peaches Boutique is a tremendous retail store for picking different dress options. If your dress does have sparkle or embellishments, pick jewellery that has the same sheen, for instance, bronze with bronze, and silver with silver.

The Best Tips For Accessorising For Homecoming1. Which earrings should you choose?

The type of earrings you choose for homecoming are going to depend on your hairstyle and the details on the top of your dress. If the dress has a lot of embroidery around the neck and shoulders, pick smaller and more delicate earrings. But, if your dress is a classic and strapless variety, you can get away with sparkling and bigger earrings.

Remember that earrings should also complement your hairstyle, and not compete with it. If you’re going to be wearing your hair in thick curls, you’ll want a pair of bold earrings. When it comes to textures and colours, it depends on your overall look. Dresses that are neutral in colour can work well with colourful earrings.

2. Picking a Necklace

There are typically two kinds of necklaces that can bring a bit of glamour to homecoming – delicate chokers and maxi collars. The options, when it comes to necklaces, are virtually endless. Before you choose your necklace, you can view a great dress selection at and choose the dress you’re planning to wear

Overall, think about balancing your overall look. Strapless dresses and straight necklines work well with more glitzy necklaces which glam up the look, whereas dresses with a deeper neckline go better with longer necklaces.

3. What about a Bracelet?

There are so many different kinds of colours, shapes, and textures to choose from when it comes to bracelets. You can play it safe and pick a sophisticated piece that has a good finish and balances out your look. The trick is to find harmony between all your elements – so a heavy necklace will go well with a delicate bracelet. Don’t forget to take the sleeves of your dress into consideration, too. If you pick long sleeves for homecoming, ditch the bracelet, and rather choose a pretty ring. The more detailed the dress, the simpler the bracelet should be.

The Best Tips For Accessorising For Homecoming4. Choosing a Ring

Rings with a discrete design tend to work best for homecoming. Again, aim for harmony and balance in terms of details, sizes, and colours. Pick a delicate ring to enhance a feminine and romantic look, or pick a shiny ring or double rings with sparkles to complement a more simple dress.

When it comes to picking the right accessories for prom, make sure you take your entire look into account, from your dress and shoes, to your hair and makeup, and you are sure to create a stunning and cohesive look.