The Kitty Flats

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 Tsss…¿Os cuento un pequeño secreto?

No soy una fanática de estos felinos y si me dan a elegir entre perros/gatos me quedo con los perros pero estos slippers de gatitos, la mayoría de Charlotte Olympia, me han robado el corazón. Estos animalitos pasarían a ser los auténticos protagonistas de mis looks más casuales,

¿Qué os parecen? 


Pss! Can I tell you a little secret? I’m not really a cat person. I prefer dogs but these cute shoes…they have stolen my whole heart! I don’t care if one day they become in the only protagonist on my outfit…love them! And you? What do you think about this kind of shoes?

21 thoughts on “The Kitty Flats”

  1. Chahrazad says:

    Awh, they look sooo cute.


  2. Kristina says:

    Absolutely adore them all. Sadly, a bit too out of my price bracket. 🙁

  3. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    cute shoe

  4. mariafelicia magno says:

    fab..i love these and blue are my fav

  5. Cristina says:

    Son una monada la verdad. Un beso =)

  6. eLi says:

    Love them all!! They are awesome!

  7. Caro * says:

    I love them. It is so cute <3

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