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I’m totally in love with these TH Baker earrings. They have a very special blue light that make them so ideal for night events and special occasions.
I found them at Hazel and Kent, the online sister company of the official TH Baker, the best site to find great stuff at a great price!! Take a look here!

Dando un paseo por la web de Hazel and Kent me topé con este precioso par de pendientes. Con un tono azulado y acompañado de plata, los encontré ideales para eventos nocturnos u ocasiones especiales. Pronto los veréis por aquí protagonizando algún look del día. ¿Qué os parecen?

Earrings/Pendientes TH BAKER

7 thoughts on “TH Baker Earrings”

  1. Vanessa Raphael says:

    I love earrings! They are such a statement and put up some beautiful design in our everyday. Also they can make an outfit come more alive ?

  2. Kara says:

    Oh My – they are stunning – not sure when I would have a chance to where them though

  3. Harpreet says:

    It’s beautiful 🙂
    Description is as gorgeous as earrings !
    It’s simple and elegant 🙂

  4. Smithe312 says:

    You have an incredibly nice layout for your blog, i want it to utilize on my site also . adfebgkececggkgk

  5. Neha Bhatt Bhagat says:

    This is so beautiful, Loved it,…
    xo, Neha

  6. Marina Filgueira says:

    ¡Hola Rakel!!!

    Eres guapísima y me encantan tus modelos, creo que alguno de esos, llegan a España. Son prendas bellas de abrigo para el invierno y la la primavera ya ce acerca.

    Ha sido un inmenso placer visitar tu página.
    Te dejo mi gratitud, mi estima y un beso.
    Se muy muy feliz.

    ¡Hello Rakel!!

    You are gorgeous and I love your models, I think that any of those, reaching Spain. They are fine outerwear for winter and the spring already ce approaches. An immense pleasure has been to visit your page. I leave you my gratitude and my appreciation and a kiss. Be very very happy.

  7. Rakel says:

    ¡Muchas gracias Marina! 🙂 Un beso.

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