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Silver Ear Cuff

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Looking for add some earpiercing to my jewelry bar I found these cute models from Body Jewellery Shop. I’m a fanatic person of butterflies and dragonflies so I couldn’t resist to these beauties. The cuff is made from sterling silver and requires no piercing, it simply fits onto your ear. It looks great and is very comfortable to wear. Can’t wait to include them in some of my outfits!
Hope you like them!!
 Ear Cuff Butterfly HERE
Ear Cuff Dragonfly HERE

Do you wear this kind of jewelry?

More – Body Jewellery Shop


15 thoughts on “Silver Ear Cuff”

  1. Marina_MdC says:

    Que monos! El de la mariposa me encanta =)

    Besitos de caramelo

  2. Beauty Unearthly says:

    So gorgeous!Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  3. Margarita HP says:

    Mi casa y mi vida están llenos de mariposas y libélulas, las asocio al espíritu benévolo de las hadas y los sueños por cumplir. Son preciosas. 🙂

  4. Asuncion Artal says:

    Son preciosos!! Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  5. Raquel says:

    I've been obsessed with ear cuffs. They are such a cute accessory!

  6. Cristina López moreno says:

    Son preciosos me han encantado, ya te sigo y te invito a mi blog, besitos

  7. Earrings Earcuff says:

    Love of jewellery earrings which look like fashion with style to our outlook.
    Earrings Ear cuff

  8. Ein Tag mit Pepa says:

    I love it! Merry Xmas from Berlin 🙂

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