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Permanecen las prendas oversized temporada tras temporada. Sin duda, la mejor y más cómoda apuesta para estos días de frío. ¡Os dejo mi selección!
They stay with us one more season. The oversized items are the most comfortable way to look chic and warm and the best invest for these days…Take a look to my selection!
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11 thoughts on “Shopping: Oversized”

  1. MN HÄUSER says:

    me considero fan absoluta de las prendas oversize, comodas y muy trend quedan fenomenal , me ha encantado tu post 😀
    Comprar en Miss Brumma Shop son todo ventajas…..
    Quieres saber como conseguir Grandes descuentos???Entérate de todo en …

  2. ELIZA BETE says:

    I want oversized knitted jumper for this season! I think I've found one in your selection.

  3. Chahrazad says:

    Nice oversized sweaters!


  4. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    oversized sweater are great this time of year

  5. mariafelicia magno says:

    i love oversize coat

  6. Theano L. says:

    they are amazing!! great suggestions!! especially love the second sweater! its perfect! your blog is amazing girl!! im your new follower! hope to see you as a member on my page too! kisses!

  7. Yudani Pousada says:

    Bonita selección.


  8. Tiffy Diamond says:

    Love these suggestions. I live for oversized sweaters. Thank you!

  9. Adriana R. says:

    Amazing! I loove the pink coat.

  10. Margies Sims says:

    Hiya! i love your blog and followed you! Maybe you'd like to follow back 🙂 thank you!

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