Saturday’s moments

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1. Taking photos of my outfit wearing one of my new purchases from Primark (coming soon!)
2. I like to start the day going for a walk so there’s no better option than my sneakers. 

Look at those colors!
3. After this a great breakfast is waiting for me…some fresh fruits and milk! 

Today is the turn for strawberries!
4. Today’s weather is getting better and better here in London so I’m going to enjoy a lot with these two books at my terrace. I’ve found them in a secondhand store… Anyone has read one of them?
5. And finally I would be happy to follow you all on Instagram… leave me your link or username on the comments! Mine is @lovelystyle_blog (here)

What about your day? Do you have any plans?
(Sorry for mistakes)

¡Sábado, sabadete!
Os dejo algunos momentos de mi día, el cual ha empezado haciendo algunas fotillos del look de hoy, dando un gran paseo por un precioso parque que tengo cerquita de casa con mis discretas zapatillas (je,je), desayunando un buen batido de fresa natural (¡riquísimo!) y ahora mismo, aprovechando mi día libre y el solecito que acaba de salir en Londres, voy a disfrutar de estos dos libros que encontré en una tienda de segunda mano…¡pintan muy bien!

¿Qué tal vuestro día?, ¿Tenéis algún plan especial?

Por último me encantaría seguiros en Instagram…¡dejadme vuestros links en los comentarios!
El mío es @lovelystyle_blog (aquí)

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13 thoughts on “Saturday’s moments”

  1. Morning Dreams says:

    So great moments! ♥

    xoxo, Sofia Pinto
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  2. Raquel says:

    Your pictures are lovely, hope you have a great day!

  3. Susie says:

    So many great pictures, I love it!

  4. Shannon Boyce says:

    What a great day! Love your pictures 🙂

  5. Pearl in Fashion says:

    Love the clutch! Great photos!

    visit me soon on

  6. Magda G. says:

    How sweet <3

  7. Monika says:

    great photos:)

  8. Moonstyle says:

    nice pics!love the clutch!

  9. Aulia Amalina says:

    nice post ~

  10. Hozana Andrade says:

    love photos!!

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