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Retaliation by Martin Wallace

Retaliation by Martin Wallace 

Retaliation by Martin Wallace

Genres: Science Fiction

Pages: 247

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When Earth is invaded by creatures from another world, the fallout leaves a world dead from nuclear holocaust, human survivors flee to space for survival looking for haven to re-group, re-arm and retaliate against their aggressors.

These surviving humans call themselves the Earth Reclamation Force (ERF), a militarized space force working hard to survive and gain any advantage over their enemy. The story predominately follows SC a Lt Commander in the ERF and the head of their most notable fighter detachment. SC figths for this cause and is resourceful in his pursuits but can sometimes be a little free and easy with the rules.

Science-fiction is not one of my favorite genres but I have to admit that this sci-fi drama is really unique. The story behind Retaliation completely blew me away.
I was lucky enough to get a sample of this novel some weeks ago and I’ve been dying to tell you guys about it ever since.

What would you do if you lost your home, your family and your planet?
Would you retaliate?

The story is introduced by the protagonist, Lt Commander Scott Cave, an helicopter pilot who forms part of a band of fighters. By his side we can find Selina Laverty as an officer in the Navy, Lt Naomi Ward as a fighter pilot and Lt Haver as the Swan’s Operations Officer between others.

All of them being part of ERF: Earth Reclamation Force, and trying to fight for reclaiming everything that humanity had lost after the invasion of Fedirians’ forces to the earth.

Retaliation by Martin Wallace

Overall, Retaliation has been an enjoyable read.

I loved that Martin Wallace has written the story with a sense of realism, including a lot of misterious, but at the same time realistic events that could really take place in our world.
This book is going to the top of my highly recommended list. I know my review doesn’t even come close to doing it justice but take my word, you should read it.

I look forward to seeing what Martin Wallace does next.

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