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Prince Palace Hotel, Bangkok

Prince Palace Bangkok


An hotel in a vibrant district of Bangkok, with incredible views of the city’s skyline.

Prince Palace Hotel is perfectly located in the governmental and commercial heartland of downtown Bangkok, Where your find many old town attractions, government offices and garment Business offering good bargains. It is also within easy access to the Expressway network leading to the Airport or direct access to the canal Taxi Boat pier (Bobae Pier) which leads to Bangkok’s main Shopping areas and sightseeing points.

The Room

Prince Palace Bangkok Each room is equipped with a TV, air condition, refrigerator, a water kettle to make some hot tea or coffee. Also, you have free wifi everywhere in the hotel area, which is great for surfing or working on internet.

Prince Palace Bangkok Breakfast

Prince Palace Bangkok

Every morning breakfast is served in a cozy and chic place.

Delicious croissants, crepes, bread, yogurts, cereals, tea, coffee or milk are offered by the hotel staff. There are a lot of comfy seats to enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Prince Palace Bangkok Prince Palace Bangkok


Prince Palace Bangkok Prince Palace Hotel offers a superb choice of fine dinning with a diverse range of 7 restaurants and outlets, whichever of our restaurants you choose to dine in, will make a nice treat and dedicate to offer the finest authentic cuisine that promises diners an interactive experience.

Prince Palace Bangkok Prince Palace Bangkok Prince Palace Bangkok Swimming pool

Prince Palace Bangkok A four-star hotel boasting a stunning pool terrace

Prince Palace Bangkok Prince Palace Bangkok We liked ❤
|| Being one of its guests to stay in deluxe suite room || Shopping at nearby malls and markets || Gazing across the city’s skyline from the edge of the pool || Its 7 restaurants, the huge range of dishes and its amazing customer service.

Excellent for: views, dinner, explore the city.


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