Premier Inn: Purple Sauce

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I’m a breakfast lover and much more if I can transform it trying different recipes with originals tastes and… today I want to discover something totally new!


A purple sauce? Really? 

Ed Baines (chef) knows very well how to add an explosion of taste and color to the beginning of the day. He has created the best sauce for complementing the breakfast, especially the Britain’s one which is based in eggs, sausages and bacon! The delicious Purple Sauce is made from blackberries, black pepper, milled chilli, toasted cumin and smoked salt. No added colours or preservatives, it’s great for vegetarians too..
The chef commented:”Purple Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a cooked breakfast. Its smoky flavours really work well with meat – particularly pork – and its underlying fruity flavour leaves a delicious aftertaste that leaves you satisfied.” 
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It sounds good…doesn’t it? Let me tell you that tastes even better!
 If you want to try this new sauce recipe, you can do it on the breakfast table in Premier Inn’s restaurants across the country (UK).

And don’t forget to come back and let me know your impressions 🙂

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    Creo que no me gustaría!

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    very inspiring post
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    Lovely post, have a beautiful week! <3

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    Tienes que probarlo! :p Está muy bien!

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