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How to make money using your social media

make money using social media


make money using social media

Today I share with you some great ways to make money using social media!

** Sponsored Tweets – Using Twitter

You’ll have the chance to receive compensation in exchange for creating and/or distributing sponsored social content and/or performing an action through your social network.

** FameBit – If you have +5K followers in your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

Simply register and connect any accounts where you have over 5K followers. Then you can pitch for a wide variety of high paying campaigns.

** Linkilike – Using Twitter and Facebook

Basically register here for free and start sharing awesome content (videos, images, links), you’ll earn money every time something is shared.

** SocialPubli – Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedln and Vine!

You can earn money for participating in advertising campaigns by sharing the content on social media. Register here

** Buzzoole – Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Simply register and connect all your accounts. Once you do this, the platform will start to send you invitations to participate in campaigns.

What do you think? What catches your attention?
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    great post! There are many platforms I haven’t heard of yet and might be beneficial to use 🙂

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  6. candy says:

    Very helpful on where to get started.

  7. Kim says:

    Great list! I’ve never heard of some of these! Thanks!

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    Interesting tips and information on making your blog money.

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