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Luna, Art Exhibition by Catherine Phillips

Catherine Phillips (7)LUNA by Catherine Phillips

Abstract painter and video artist from West London

Catherine Phillips (1)
Catherine Phillips (11)Getting lost into a new undiscovered world, Catherine Phillips world, full of dark shades and mysterious colors combinations that makes me feel like floating in a powerful universe…

Catherine Phillips (2)Catherine Phillips (10)Catherine Phillips (3)Catherine Phillips (9)Catherine Phillips (4)Catherine Phillips (8)

Mysterious, powerful, vibrant and impressive art created by a talented woman who is fascinated by the moon, by nature and the world around us.

Catherine Phillips (5)
Catherine Phillips (12)
Catherine Phillips (6)About The Artist

Catherine Phillips

I am an abstract painter and video artist, and I knew from a very early age that “my calling” is to be an artist. This didn’t stop me from going off on several wild goose chases! I bring all of my life experiences, the good, the bad, the challenging and the unresolved, to my work, and long-term hope to develop strands of work that encourage people who don’t consider themselves as arty to get involved. I am fascinated by the moon, by nature and the world around us; I create a lot of my paintings in a spontaneous, unplanned way; this is often in response to music that I am listening to, dreams or just as an experiment. I love bold colours and strongly believe in the healing power of art.



facebook-marcador-de-posicion-para-localizar-lugares-en-mapas_318-50488Putney Library, Disraeli Road, Putney, SW15

Her work is currently in an exhibition at Putney Library, London. Don’t miss the chance to contemplate her talent and participate in her competition!

You can win one medium size print!

From 23rd October to 5th November

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  1. Kate says:

    This is so cool!!! I love this pieces! So talented. And I’m so glad that we share the same name! hahaha

    Kate x |

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