Lovely Style by Franciso J. Guerra

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Lovely Style by F.Guerra 2013
En este post quiero darle las gracias a Francisco J. Guerra de Francisco´s watercolors blog por emplear su tiempo en realizar esta preciosa acuarela de uno de mis looks…¡es preciosa!¡me quedé sin palabras cuando la vi! ¿Qué os parece a vosotras?
In this post I want to thank Francisco J. Guerra from Francisco’s watercolors blog for taking his time to draw this beautiful watercolor of one of my looks…It is beautiful! I was speechless when I saw it! What do you think about it? 
(Sorry for mistakes) 

Más ilustraciones aquí

26 thoughts on “Lovely Style by Franciso J. Guerra”

  1. Amy K says:

    very cool!!

    Much Love

  2. Rocio Ganaza says:

    es preciosa me encanto! feliz año guapa

  3. misscreacioness says:

    muy muy bonita!!!

  4. Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska says:

    Precioso retrato

    Check my new post

  5. Miss Caprice says:

    Que chulo, ya podían hacerme a mí uno también 😛


    Miss Caprice

  6. B. says:

    That's a beautiful illustration of you:) So talented! Thanks for dropping by my blog and sure, I would love to follow ur blog!


  7. Chica says:

    Qué bonito detalle.

  8. modaelena says:

    el look es precioso y la acuarela mucho más, visto así tiene un encanto increíble, me gusta muchisimo cómo ha quedado BSTISS 🙂

  9. Lilli says:

    Ah super cute!! What an adorable sketch, love it!!! kisses dear! xo

  10. Priscil·la Marin says:

    Preciosa acuarela. Un gran trabajo.

    ¡Feliz año nuevo!


  11. Lali says:

    Beautiful draw! Yeah we can follow each other, I'm following you already!


  12. Fashion R&D says:

    It's beautiful! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I'm following you now. Have a great weekend!

  13. Yudani Pousada says:

    No conocía tu blog. Me encanta!
    Ya te sigo por aquí y por bloglovin.

    Un beso desde me-andmybag

  14. Aydita says:

    Que pasada! Me encanta! besos

  15. sabrina maida says:

    cute outfit !! i love your style 🙂 anw mind to following each other? follow me if you love

  16. chocolatefashioncoffee says:

    cute! there's a great giveaway on our blog, check it out! 🙂

  17. Susanna78 says:

    Que chulo! es precioso nena
    Un beso

  18. Isa Martínez says:

    Una acuarela muy bonita ^^
    Un beso

  19. Pathy Moreira says:

    Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!

    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy!
    ♥ hugs

  20. Dean Corno says:

    Your blog is great. I would love to follow each other.

  21. Mi vestido de lentejuelas says:

    Preciosaaa quedo clavada!
    Besitos guapi y que te traigan mucho los reyes!

  22. rae says:

    this is a really cute water color! keep up the good work, darling.
    xx rae

  23. rae says:

    ohh … i am sorry i just saw there is an english transition as well – well francisco is very talented and i love the original photo of you as well!
    xx rae

  24. Iraida says:

    Que bonitaaaaa!!! Muy buen trabajo 😉

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