Look of the day: Paisley & Pastel Colors

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Estampado paisley y tonos pasteles en un mismo look es mi propuesta como el look perfecto de fin de semana…¿Qué os parece?

A little spin on paisley and pastel colors gets my vote for the perfect weekend look…
What do you think about this? 

Camisa/Blouse Kiabi | Pants Kiabi | Cinturón/Belt Miss Real | Bolso/Bag Amichi |
Calzado/Heels Dunnes

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Camisa/Blouse Kiabi | Pants Kiabi | Cinturón/Belt Miss Real | Bolso/Bag Amichi
Calzado/Heels Dunnes

96 thoughts on “Look of the day: Paisley & Pastel Colors”

  1. the|avantguardian says:

    Love all the colors!

  2. Chahrazad says:

    Love the colors of our pants.


  3. Surbhi Suri says:

    this is such a cool print, love the colors 🙂

  4. Anónimo says:

    The blue bag is really beautiful! Wonderful colour and shape!


  5. Con estilo al cubo says:

    Un look genial, me encanta los colores de la camisa, y con los pantalones queda de maravilla!!!!
    conestiloalcubo Blog // Bloglovin'

  6. Lilli says:

    You look so adorable Rakel, love the shirt and the bag!:) Kisses! xo

  7. Emmylou says:

    I love the purple-and-yellow pairing:)

  8. Vicky says:

    Me encanta ese tipo de estampado, además nunca pasa de moda. Besos 🙂

  9. Milex says:

    so fabulous

  10. Nicky mywishstyle says:

    Ciao Rakel, you look so sweet, love thi look.
    Good day

  11. mariafelicia magno says:

    nice outfit…beautiful shirt

  12. Faty&Sury says:

    Really nice look!:)

  13. Iris P. says:

    Love this outfit!

  14. S y l l says:

    Great look! 🙂
    Kisses :*


  15. Isa Machado says:

    Lovely outfit dear! 🙂

  16. Lucía Fernández Martínez says:

    Me encanta el look!! Los pantalones combinan genial con la camisa 😉
    Muy guapa!
    Nuevo post..

  17. Chispy (Bonita y Guapita) says:

    Me encanta la camisa!
    es preciosa!!
    por cierto, estoy sorteando un Lilash en mi blog por si quieres apuntarte!
    Un besito guapi 🙂

  18. Ivana Džidić says:

    beautiful look!

  19. Jenniya says:

    Nice outfit. I really love the bag! 🙂

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  20. Mothi says:

    Nice blouse!

    xo' M

  21. Marta says:

    Hello from Spain: I like your shirt. Nice yellow pants. Keep in touch

  22. Eledelaura says:

    me parece super bonito el estampado de la camisa :))
    besitos de http://eltedelas6.blogspot.com.es/

  23. Larissa says:

    This blouse is awesome! I love it!


  24. Lauren says:

    I really like your scarf and this outfit!


  25. Manuel Navarrete Cárdenas says:

    Me encanta la blusa, guapi. Bisous

    Moda Vestidor

  26. dwietwarzedwaspojrzenia says:

    Świetnie wyglądasz 🙂

  27. Mary Lou says:

    superbonito! me encanta el estampado paisley y esta combinacion de colores es superbonita!
    un beso mary

  28. Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit says:

    What a fun color combo, you look great 🙂

  29. MrsVain says:

    nice look!
    Mrs Vain

  30. Martyna K says:


  31. Anthi T. says:

    Nice combinatio of colors!
    I love your bag,so adorable 🙂


  32. Ceely says:

    Que chulada de blusa!!
    Estás preciosa.

    Un besito!

  33. Adam says:

    looks amazing

  34. The Flamboyante says:

    What a lovely colour combination!

  35. Simplybeautifulelegant says:

    great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  36. Dezazu says:

    Me encanta un look estupendo!!besos

  37. Pourquoi moi says:

    Muy guapa! Me gusta mucho la camisa!

  38. Esta de Moda says:

    Como me gustan los zapatos, son tan ladys!!! estás muy wapa.

    Un bsaz

  39. Christian says:

    love your bag

    christian | my blog : http://www.christianyuen.blogspot.com
    greetings from hong kong

  40. Miss Top Ten Image says:

    ¡¡Me encanta la combinación de colores!!


  41. Victoria Chekanova says:

    Love that pretty little bag!


  42. María P. Liberatto says:

    me encanta el estampado de la blusa.

  43. Dianne Tho says:

    la camisa es adorable, raquel 🙂

  44. Simplybeautifulelegant says:

    followed u on bloglovin… waiting for you to follow back!

  45. Bárbara Marques says:

    I love your bag 🙂


  46. Beauty Follower says:

    Wonderful shirt, great colors!

    Have a lovely week, dear 🙂

  47. The Scarlet Diaries says:

    lovely photos, cool outfit 🙂

    your blog is really nice, would you like to follow each other? (via GFC and on Facebook too) just let us know, we always follow back <3


  48. Yudani Pousada says:

    Qué bonitos los zapatos.


  49. Helen* says:

    Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! 🙂

    This is a great post, really lovely outfit! 🙂

    Now following you and looking forward to your next post!!


  50. Mafalda says:

    I adore paisley, you shirt is gorgeous, I want it!
    Mafalda ❤

  51. Maghy's World says:

    I have had a similar paisley shirt when I was a teenager, it is a classic pattern, always in style.. thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

  52. What Kenny Hearts says:

    As usual, another really lovely post! I am so liking the outfit from head to toe. You are really such a chic girl!

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  53. Satu says:

    These colours suit you so well – lovely combination of yellow and purple. 🙂 Great accessories too!

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  54. Madeline Veloria says:

    Love this color combo…looking so sophisticated!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  55. 2minutos says:

    Qué bonita! Me encanta cómo has combinado el estampado,

  56. Laura says:

    I love your paisley shirt,
    it is such a nice pattern. 🙂
    And your bag is amazing, too. 😉


  57. Villarrazo Madrid says:

    Que look tan bonito!! Nos ha encantado la mezcla de tanto estampado colorido con un amarillo pastel en la parte inferior. Vas guapísima! Y el bolso queda muy original

    Un beso desde Villarrazo


  58. Laxmi Gurung says:

    Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by and I heartly appreciate it! This is such an amazing outfit! Perfect color combination.. Thanks for sharing (: Already following you! New post on my blog! Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤

  59. dicope says:

    oooh me encanta este estampado y mas en lila !! muy bien combinado con los pantalones ! estas preciosa !

    besos ^^


    dicope blog

  60. Carolyne O' says:

    Love this look darlin, the sweater is so cute!



  61. Francy -Stef says:

    Love your outfit!!! Fabulous shoes!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  62. Saah says:

    Nice!! I liked it. I loved your shoes! Perfect this look.
    Would you like to follow my blog? 🙂

  63. A.V Scarlet says:

    Hi! Loved your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I'm Brazilian, so if I missed something in writing English, forgive me.
    Followed u on GFC, waiting for you to follow back.

  64. Zaxari kai omorfia says:

    nice post! thank yoy for visiting my blog! i follow you!


  65. Dream and Style Splash says:

    Hello!!! Great outfit!!!
    Thank you for your comment!! I'd like that! Follow you now! Dont forget to follow me back!


  66. Raquel Amaral says:

    nice look, nice blog, i love it *-* im following you http://amazingbrightworld.blogspot.com.br/

  67. Κοραλλία Τ says:

    Pretty outfit! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I followed you on GFC! Follow me back if you want! 🙂

  68. monicaharmony says:

    Great pictures, absolutely stunning!
    Monica Harmony's Blog

  69. Rachel Lynne says:

    Stunning style! Love your top!

  70. Jenny says:

    Ohhh I love those pants.

  71. Nicolly Credi-Dio says:

    Beautiful look!
    I'm following the Lovely Style.
    Much success with the blog and with fashion

  72. Iraida says:

    Un look estupendo 🙂 Besos!!!!

  73. Laura Cubas Blanco says:

    Hola, me encanta tu blog, te añado a mis círculos de google 😉

    Hoy nuevo look en http://mamaartista.blogspot.com.es espero te guste 😀

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  74. emily | shell chicd says:

    My college's colors were purple and gold, so I LOVE this combo! I have similar yellow pants and will have to try them with a purple top!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  75. Carmen Gimeno says:

    La camisa tiene un estampado precioso que te favorece una barbaridad!!
    Un besazo!


  76. Natalia | Fashioned by Love says:

    Beautiful colour combination! x

  77. Rosimara Dias says:

    Hello thank you for caring.
    Yes we will follow will be a great pleasure.
    His work is amazing.

  78. BELULOVE says:

    me encantan tus pantalone,s un color genial


  79. LPFashionPhilosophy says:

    Love this look!

    ox from NYC,
    davie and erica

  80. Manu says:

    Love your look <3
    Kisses | http://do-seu-jeito.blogspot.com.br/

  81. LETICIA says:

    love the print on your shirt!


  82. borka gamero says:

    Such a beautiful entry! You inspire me!
    Kisses from Miami,

  83. Pauline says:

    wow esa blusa es preciosa!


  84. Kati says:

    Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    This blouse is so cool, I love the print so much! Really like how you’ve put your whole outfit together!

    Have a great week,

  85. Mariah K says:

    Nice outfit!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I followed you, if you want you can follow me back 🙂


  86. Marta Purriños Hernández says:

    Guapísima, adoro los estampados


  87. MIRIAM says:

    ¡Que glamour! ¡Que barbaridad! ¡Me encanta el look!

    Espero que hayas pasado un gran finde! Besitos linda!

    Miriam M. M.

  88. Maria Flicka says:

    Stunning….the shirt and the bag are beyond beautiful 🙂


    "Saúde & Beleza – Health & Beauty"

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