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  1. As the wind began to lift the leaves from their branches it whispered, “flit, float, fly and fall…” The year’s last and loveliest grand dance of them all.
  2. Fairytale.
  3. Home sweet home!
  4. “Tell me, how long do you hold onto a memory? How do you decide between the pain of remembering and the pain of letting go?”
  5. Wearing this gorgeous longskirt from lightinthebox.
  6. And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul…
  7. So much life in one little world…
  8. Details.
  9. Matchy-matchy!
  10. “Her soul was utterly captivating. A warm rainy day dying to be danced in. ”
  11. Outside the trees sighed in the wind. For a moment I believed I felt and saw the night outside deep within me. Wind and wetness, autumn, bitter smell of foliage, scattered leaves of the elm tree. Autumn! Autumn! (A Dream Sequence, 1916).
  12. A perfect day starts with breakfast in bed!

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