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Indian Bijou, Indian Art

Indian Bijou As you should know by now, I am a huge lover of handcrafted pieces and even more if these pieces are made far far away from my home. Having these pieces in my place it feels like that I can travel in just a few seconds to all these fantastic places that for some reason or another I haven’t visited yet.

So as you can imagine, I was delighted to discover Indian Bijou and you will too if you are looking for an exquisite collection of items created by Indian artisans.

Indian Bijou


Indian Bijou is an online shop where the contemporany design meets traditional craftmanship. Offering an elegant and trendy range of home decor and furnishings for the discerning modern consumer, it is presented like a brand focused in the celebration of India’s glorious tradition of making beautiful products with deep focus on craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability.

I simply adore this amazing work. All their collections pieces are absolutely awesome but one of them totally catched my attention: The Tealight Holder with Channapatna Birds.

Indian Bijou This piece belongs to the Master Artisan Collection. A collection that showcases the work of India’s most renowned artisans, like Abshar Husain, who have been honored with National Award by the Government of India for their invaluable contribution to Indian crafts.

Indian Bijou My tealight holder is a fusion of two classic Indian handicrafts styles, Channapatna from Karnataka for the creation of the birds and Woodblock printing from Rajasthan.

The material is Sheesham and its dimensions are 14*13*8 cm aprox.

Tealight Holder

I really recommend you to take a look to its Mughal Collection (jewelry). Discover much more here

Hope you like it!