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Holiday Photography – What To Consider

1 When going on holiday, you want to capture the unique memories you make so that you can cherish them forever. After all, when we go on our travels we enjoy things we never do at home – whether it’s swimming with dolphins, enjoying unique scenery, skiing down stunning white slopes, or simply having a cocktail by the pool. There are so many incredible photo opportunities, wherever you choose to travel. Below, we reveal what you need to consider when it comes to holiday photography.

Have an eye for detail

2 From a lovely, old authentic door, to sparkling drops of dew on a beautiful stunning flower, make sure you hone your eye for detail. Photos like this are exceptionally creative, and they capture the essence of the location in a different manner to the usual touristy snaps.

Keep your camera gear safe in the heat

3 If you are visiting a hot location, you will need to be extra cautious with your equipment. Limit the use of any camera settings that will generate heat. Cover your equipment when it is not in use, and avoid condensation.

Place your subject off-centre


Positioning is especially important when it comes to holiday photography. It is a good idea to position your subject a bit to the side, as this allows you to capture the scenery.

Be aware of your light sources


Again, if you are visiting a hot location, this is especially important. The sun can run havoc with your photos if you do not know how to manipulate it properly. However, it can be your greatest aid if you master it effectively. Ensure the subject is in the shade so you can prevent overexposed images with harsh shadows.

Carrying your equipment


Finally, you don’t only need to think about the photographs themselves, but the equipment too. It’s important to protect your photography equipment when flying while adhering to rules too. For example, batteries with lithium cannot be put in checked baggage; they need to be carried separately in a holder or in the camera.

Considering all of the above is sure to make taking your holiday photographs a pleasure – the only problem will be choosing which ones you’d like to display first!