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Have You Considered A High Low Dress?

High Low Dresses
Have you been considering a high low dress for a formal event? Perhaps you’re not sure whether or not it’s the right style for you? Let’s take a closer look at this style.

About High Low Dresses

High low formal dresses tend to ooze femininity and confidence all wrapped up in one amazing dress. They look like a flowing, long evening gown, but at the same time they possess the chic look of today’s youthful and modern short dress. If this sounds ideal, you can choose an elegant dress at https://www.promdressshop.com/dresses/events/prom that you can wear for prom or for any event.

The resulting overall look of a high low dress is one that is as complicated as it is elegant and simple. Best of all, it is highly versatile. You can drive the look to the extreme with the variety of styles out there, from graceful strapless dresses to animal imprint dresses. These dresses are ideal for events and parties that permit a degree of formality mixed a little bit of laid-back casual.

If you really want to look modern, but remain somewhat conservative, this is the dress for you. High low formal dresses seem to come in a wider variety of looks and created from a range of textiles to give you the best possible look for the party. These dresses are also made to fit any kind of body types, whether you are plus size or petite.

How to Wear a High Low Dress
  1. Break the Rules

The rules say that when you wear a flowy, voluminous skirt that you should wear something fitted on top for a flattering silhouette. The high low dress is so versatile that you can get away with a looser top, or less fitted top. This look makes for a more casual and comfortable appearance while still looking elegant for the party.

  1. It’s as Girly As You Can Get

High-low dresses are typically made from lightweight fabrics which mean they offer a very delicate feel. This means you can accessorize almost any way you like. For instance, your dress may be a light colour, but you can add to it with heavier shades of makeup, shoes, and jewellery.

  1. You Can Take a Risk

With high low dresses, you can get away with mixed prints. For instance, you can pair your dress with polka dot shoes, for example, and polka dot bag which may work well to balance the light print on your dress. What’s more, the wonderful length of these dresses means you can pretty much wear whatever height show you like! However, if you do choose mixed patterns, keep your accessories to a minimum, like a simple watch and small earrings.

High low dresses are sensationally flattering and incredibly versatile which means there is sure to be a fabric, pattern, and design out there for you. Best of all, you can pair your high low dress with a huge variety of accessories and still look like the Belle of the Ball!