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HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum review

Reviv SerumsI’ve been trying an amazing and effective hair product from Reviv Serums and after noticed that they also have a skincare range, I couldn’t wait to try it for myself!

You can’t buy happiness but here you can buy youthful skin and hair and that’s pretty close – RevivSerums.com

The science behind it is that HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum includes the first bioactive ingredient able to block the production of cortisol, the major stress hormone, and promote the release of endorphins, a natural calming neuropeptide acting on mood and promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation. This ingredient in combination with hyaluronic acid, abyssine, exossine and others boosts elasticity and makes better our skin appearance.

Product Claims: Hydrate | Protect | Blur | Moisturize | Destress | Rejuvenate

It really sounded good for me!

Reviv SerumsThis serum works like a dream to hydrate, protect, and rejuvenate our skin. After 15 days using it, I noticed great results on my skin. The redness I suffer during winter time has been reducted very fast. It does the trick of saving my delicate skin from its dry and dehydrated state and it contains powerful ingredients to boost radiance from the first use.

I used this only in the mornings, after wash my face and before make up. It spreads really well and you need just a little bit of the product. It doesnt have any kind of scent and the texture is really smooth. I simply love it!

If your skin is suffering from dryness, dehydration or stress, give this luxurious serum a go.

It doesnt disappoint!

Reviv SerumsHA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum – here

About the Brand
RevivSerums.com, located in beautiful San Francisco California, specializes in novel and innovative clinical treatment serums. Our unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance, leading-edge -- and any other great hyphenated catchphrases you can imagine.
 We're here to buck the status quo in standard medical grade skincare and haircare treatment lines. We've found the vast majority of current popular physician-office products, while certainly somewhat-to-quite effective, are no longer leading edge. And most of them contain ingredients that really aren't that expensive to acquire, compared to their retail price.
 So we created Reviv Serums to provide products equivalent to famous physician-office brands so it's easy to compare, apples-to-apples. We then leapfrog them with brand new cosmetic chemistry, and provide them to you at a competitive price. Along the way, we've also developed some truly novel products with breakthrough ingredients and really astonishing results (case in point: our RevivHair™ and RevivLash™ Stimulating Serums).
 We gain inspiration by the principles and tenets that go into the making of our products, and we hope you encounter a bit of that inspiration with every product and feel moved to share that feeling with your followers, friends, family and world.
 Leapfrog technology.
 Physician office potency.
 Competitive pricing.
 Breakthrough ingredients.
 Astonishing results.

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