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Falegnameria Bariza, Luxury Houses and Furniture


Now that I have moved to a new house, all my thoughts are focused in new interior designs and decoration ideas. After thinking too much about what type of decoration I wanted for my new flat, I decided that a rustic environment with a modern touch would suit well with the rest of my stuff. What a surprise when I discovered Falegnameria Bariza, woodworking specialists in luxury houses from Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy), I took a look to their images and I got all the inspiration I needed for my new home.

Falegnameria Bariza


Falegnameria Bariza, wood working specialists in Cortina d’Ampezzo, have been making houses and wooden furniture for almost a century, passing on the family’s handicraft skills from generation to generation whilst investing in new product development at the same time.

They design and manufacture bespoke furniture for any space or client – green buildings, apartments, hospitality facilities, single pieces of furniture and complementary furnishings. They carefully select the most suitable wood for every type of artisanal product create them based on customer requests.

Falegnameria Bariza has been renowned for it’s expensive price-tag. The carpenters of Cortina d’Ampezzo specialise in furnishing the ski chalets in the most exclusive European villages and now it’s branching out and offering it’s services across the pond making it available to us Brits. “Home is where the heart is,” wrote the Latin philosopher Gaio Plinio Secondo. Some of the purveyors of the brand might wish to add that the heart of the home is better off when this home has been fitted with the bespoke designs of Falegnameria Bariza.

Falegnameria Bariza

Are you dreaming about some celebrities houses? Now it easier to get your house/flat/apartment to the next level and make your dreams come true. Take a look to the Falegnameria Bariza website to see more of their magnificent craftsmanship.

Falegnameria Bariza