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I know that It’s always a bit scary to try new skincare products especially if you’ve never heard about the brand before but I guess that everyone feels curious like me to discover new products and results! After looking for a special treatment for acne and try some failed products, I thought that Exposed Skincare sounded a bit alright!

I read through the web that Exposed Skincare is based in USA since 2002 and it’s a company that uses the best natural ingredients alongside the latest advanced technologies and some scientific ingredients to kill acne causing bacteria and clear clogged pores. Their focus is on producing high quality skin care that treats acne, prevents new breakouts and returns your skin to its natural and healthy balance. 

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After try out their products during 30 days, I found them like a potent mix that gave me the results and the radiance that I was looking for.

I started testing out this products in a basic kit: Facial Cleanser, Clearing tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum and a little Derm-x Cloth.

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FACIAL CLEANSER: The first step to clear skin is clean skin. The Exposed facial cleanser is a rich yet gentle face wash that is soap-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. It is packed with skin clearing ingredients including a special formulation of alpha & beta hydroxy acids and sage extract. It removes the oil and dirt from your face while penetrating your pores to kill acne causing bacteria and maintaining your skin’s lipid layer. It does not contain any harsh and irritating detergents such as lauryl and laureth sulfates and is an important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.

CLEARING TONIC: The Clearing Tonic penetrates pores to control blackheads and whiteheads while returning your skin to its natural healthy balance. The tonic also rejuvenates problem skin with essential extracts and prepares your skin for the Acne Treatment Serum.

ACNE TREATMENT SERUM: It is formulated with the latest and most advanced acne fighting ingredients. Helps prevent new acne blemishes and whiteheads.

 CLEAR PORE SERUM: It is a lightweight gel that penetrates pores to control acne pimples and blackheads and rebalance your skin while you sleep. Natural extracts and antioxidants repair damaged skin for a healthy youthful look.

 DERM-X CLOTH: It is a great way to improve skin tone, reduce blemishes and firm up those problem areas. Derm-X is a dermatologist approved microdermabrasion cloth that is proven to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove cosmetics, oil, and dirt. It also eliminates blackheads and white heads! The DERM-X Cloth is great at bringing young and beautiful skin to the surface. Regular use also helps with skin discoloration, sun damage and even minor scarring. The Derm-X cloth is small but important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.

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Exposed Skincare is currently available here (now on sale)
 The basic pack that I tried contains 4 products that are combinable with others like the Clarifying Mask or the Body Wash


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