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N16-Music Speaker (1)I must listen to music while I’m working at home. I’m a big lover of R&B and as you know, there is no better artist on this genre than Beyoncé (at least for me). I don’t know why, but listen to her music is the perfect way to keep me motivated during all the day… That is one of the reasons why I’m always looking for a great music speaker to enjoy my favorites songs and (seriously) sometimes it can be a bit crazy. There are a lot of great products outside at shops but after weeks seeing different brands and models, I was sure that I wanted a wireless model to enjoy it with my laptop, tablet or mobile phone and finally I found the perfect one on Amazon: N16 Music Speaker. It has a minimalist design that fits perfectly with my home decoration, also it’s lightweight and portable enough to be taken out with you (holidays!). The sound it’s amazing and clear with a good balance, also it has a microsd card space and bluetooth option that works great too! I can play full albums from my mobile phone for 10 hours without stop thanks to the big capacity of its battery.
What can I say? Superb! I love this!


N16-Music Speaker (4)
N16-Music Speaker (5)
N16-Music Speaker (3)
N16-Music Speaker (6)
N16-Music Speaker (2)And now tell me!! What do you think about this music speaker?

What song or artist are you listening to on repeat?

4 thoughts on “Enjoy music, enjoy life”

  1. Mary Kate says:

    Those are great! I love the sleek design!

    Mary Kate

  2. last year's girl says:

    That’s so cute! I carry so much music on my phone these days that it’s really convenient to put on in the house, but the in-built speakers tend to be pretty rubbish. Something like this which is as portable as the phone itself would be so handy.

    LOVE the new Beyonce song!

    Lis / last year’s girl x

  3. Invissible-blogger says:

    Lea michele!!! O glee en general adoro sus performance de todas las canciones en algunas me gustan mas que la original!! Muchos besos guapa

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