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Accessory Crush: Dwimmer Necktie

Dwimmer - Lovely Style - Necktie - Women - handmade - accessories

Accessory crush

There are two accessories I own every single season: my hats and all kinds of ties (let’s say everything I could tie around my neck). In my daily style, I love playing with both masculine and feminine styles, putting them against each other and finding a perfect balance. One of my latest acquisition has been a women’s necktie from Dwimmer Neckwear, a simple accessory that can give a unique twist to your outfit in any occasion.

What I love the most about that piece is that keep a big touch of femininity, a luxury mix of pastels colors and textures with a sparkling touch.
The Hypatia Necktie is handmade and has a “fein” silhouette featuring angled blade and tail.

There is nothing like this necktie paired with some casual pair of jeans, a pale pink shirt and sneakers for a trendy business look. It’s absolutely a must have! Stay tuned to my blog because some outfits wearing my Hypatia necktie are coming soon!

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What do you guys think about neckties? Have you ever had a crush on an accessory?

ABOUT The Brand
Founded in 2014 in California, Dwimmer has redefined luxury for today’s world. Combining the family talents of a master craftsman, a technology provocateur and a serial dreamer, an exquisitely handcrafted collection has emerged. Dwimmer Neckties are the ideal accessory for men and women who carefully curate each day’s look and desire to look great with minimal effort. The company is committed to using quality materials and sustainable practices with a slow fashion ethos.