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Cuppa Joe

Cuppa Joe (2)OMG! It’s almost summer!

It’s time to give our skin a special care before the madness of beaches, swimming pools, shorts and swimsuits! I know that many of us have a tendency to neglect our skin during winter and now with summer just around the corner, we need something that will work great and immediately…

After trying out some different products, I really recommend you this one from Cuppa Joe. I’ve been using it just for 3 days and the results are SPECTACULAR.

Cuppa Joe (1)My choice has been the “Lime and almond body scrub”. It basically helps to boost blood flow, exfoliate dry skin, combate cellulite and combined with cold pressed coconut oil is perfect for natural hydration.

How to use it: Jump in the shower and wet your skin. Apply a handful of the product in a circular motion (desired area) and leave for 5-10 mins. Rinse off and finish!

Try 3-4 times/week and you’ll feel ready for let those legs out with your favorite pair of shorts!!
Cuppa Joe (3)

Cuppa Joe has a lot of 100% natural options. Just take a look here!

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  1. SignorinaClub says:

    Thanks for the post and the board)!

  2. Rakel says:

    SignorinaClub: Thanks dear!

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