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For all those who have specials events coming or are interested in dresses for unique occasions like weddings…Today I’m going to discover you the most amazing website for find the perfect dress!
I’m talking about Cocomelody. I visited this site and I felt in love with the majority of the dresses, specially wedding dresses! 

 I found really interested that they have 5 designers collections:

  -Grace Luxury: “Unwilling to be simple? Try the combination of grace and luxury, you’ll be the unique!”


-Faith by Aniia: “Follow the modern simplicity to keep your faith of love!”


-Adorable by Aniia: “Like the twinkling star in the sky, you’are the apple of your lover’s eyes”


-Lili White: “Being pure, noble and holy like lilies to start your new life”
-LBStudio: Vintage is always classic. So go your own way instead of going with the flow!”


But this is not all, the new season for 2016 has truly beautiful treasures, where you can choose between long or short dresses. Check it out the 2016 wedding dresses selection!


And for those less traditional who dream about get married at the beach…there are a huge collection of beach wedding dresses too! 


This is only my personal selection, I want to invite you all to take a look to Cocomelody and tell me what do you think about this website writing a comment below. You’ll see that it’s very simple to surfing its web because it has a simple design to make easier your searching and shopping. 

They are currently having a big sale of wedding dresses, maybe you find something that you like.


 Hope you like it… Happy shopping!


16 thoughts on “Cocomelody”

  1. Cátia Rodrigues says:

    They have the most gorgeous pieces!

  2. Esta de Moda says:

    The dress are very beautifull, I love it!

  3. Aydita says:

    Son preciosos!

  4. mariafelicia magno says:

    floral dress is amazing

  5. Beauty Unearthly says:

    Nice selection!

  6. Shannon Boyce says:

    Those dresses are absolutely stunning! Love!

  7. Emmanuelle Pawłowska says:

    Amazing dresses <3

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