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CB12 – First Class Breath

CB12 (2)Smile!
Ok, when we speak about beauty the first thing that comes to our mind is all type of cares for hair and skin but what about our dental care?
For this point let me introduce you CB12, called “the first class breath“, it has become my new way to freshen my breath and help remove bad bacteria giving a good oral hygiene.

I have tried the cooling mint/menthol flavour but there is another one milder, both are recommended for daily use.     

Ensures first class breath through its powerful and unique, patented formula.
Provides 12 hour protection thanks to its long-lasting effect.
Boosts your confidence with its scientifically proven safe and effective action.
Available sizes: 50ml, 250ml and 1000ml

CB12 (1)You can use it after brushing and flossing your teeth to help remove any plaque or food particles which brushing or flossing can’t reach or do by itself.

After a week using this product I only can say that it’s the best mouthwash that I’ve tried in years!
Definitely, CB12 has been a great discovery for me.

CB12 (3)And not only mouthwashes are offered by this brand, you can find chewing-gum too for a quick boost of confidence wherever you are!
Take a look here!

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