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Pretty Sleepwear

Pretty Sleepwear A pretty weakness Buying pretty sleepwear is definitely a weakness for me! I found this cute set at Primark. I love how a vintage touch inspired its silhouette and still feel modern…Simply, It was just too pretty to pass up…  

Accessory Crush: Dwimmer Necktie

Accessory crush There are two accessories I own every single season: my hats and all kinds of ties (let’s say everything I could tie around my neck). In my daily style, I love playing with both masculine and feminine styles, putting them against each other

Secondhand finds

Instead of buying new things this Black Friday, I went for checking out all the beautiful vintage stuff and I found this denim jacket for just £1. Lots of outfits are coming soon with this precious and timeless piece!  

Ivy Park

At this point of the year, even if you are not a Beyoncé fan, you have heard for sure about Ivy Park. The new clothing brand of the artist, launched last month of April, it’s an activewear brand that encourages health, fitness and female empowerment.