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Oil Pulling for an Oral Detox

Oil Pulling for an Oral Detox Finding inexpensive and simple ways to detox our bodies is always a positive thing, as many techniques which claim to help us rid ourselves of bacteria and toxins often end up being very expensive or time consuming. Oil Pulling

Berber’s Treat, Black Eucalyptus Gel

Berber’s Treat: Natural Beauty Products If there’s one think I learned about my skin throught the years, it’s that everything I do for it it’s not enough, specially during winter season because my skin become particularly very sensitive to products. I’m not talking only about

How Glycolic Acid Helps Acne

How Glycolic Acid Helps Acne Glycolic acid, also known as alpha hydroxy acid, helps treat acne and other critical skin conditions. The acid also brightens and lightens the skin for an improved look. According to a study conducted by Atzori and other researchers, when you

Snapchat Filters Makeup DIY

Snapchat Filters Makeup DIY Obesessed with Snapchat and its filters? Well, join the club! Don’t be shy and take your makeup brushes out to create the most famous filters in real life using makeup and basic accessories. My favorite one is called “Rhinestone Glam“… simple