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Top 10 Natural Remedies to Treat Dark Spots on Face

Top 10 Natural Remedies to Treat Dark Spots on Face Uneven skin tone characterized by freckles, pimple marks and dark patches on the face are a common problem, especially among women. These dark spots are called hyper – pigmentation and are caused due to a

Organic Makeup

  Organic makeup If you’re searching for an organic makeup brand to enhance your appearance, then take a look to these products. These companies focus on the formulation of safe and natural cosmetic products. The products also last longer than traditional cosmetics. I totally recommend

Oil Pulling for an Oral Detox

Oil Pulling for an Oral Detox Finding inexpensive and simple ways to detox our bodies is always a positive thing, as many techniques which claim to help us rid ourselves of bacteria and toxins often end up being very expensive or time consuming. Oil Pulling

Berber’s Treat, Black Eucalyptus Gel

Berber’s Treat: Natural Beauty Products If there’s one think I learned about my skin throught the years, it’s that everything I do for it it’s not enough, specially during winter season because my skin become particularly very sensitive to products. I’m not talking only about