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Box of Favours

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Looking for something different than a traditional gift for a special day?

If so, this little box is perfect for you!

Discover the Box of Favours – The Ultimate New Gift For Someone Special

This little blue box contains a bunch of cards ready to be used, a bunch of favours that its future owner will love. It is the perfect gift you can make for your wife, husband, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father… It’s perfect for everyone!

From a breakfast in bed to a day out, this amazing collection of favours cards also contains some of them with a blank space, perfectly designed to personalize them!

These ‘fill in the blanks’ cards allows you or the owner of the box to write some wishes in your own personal style but in a fun and interactive way.

But this is not all, also the box contains a contract to sign as a compromise that all favours must be completed within a year of receipt and only one card can be redeemed for day… super cool! Isn’t it?

Some cards examples:

-Breakfast in bed, Tea or coffee, Special Meal, Movie of choice, I Win This Debate!, Big Cuddle, 1hr Peace & Quiet…

The cards are made of quality card paper and are decorated with a beautiful and elegant frame in gold, and the text is written in a classic black font.

You can use it in a multiple ways… Some different ideas: a surprise with the entire box, giving just one card in an envelope with a love letter, sticking one of them in a bouquet of flowers… The possibilities are endless, just let your imagination run free and enjoy!

By purchasing a Box of  Favours you are also PLANTING A TREE!

More info of the box here

box of favours-amazon-special-original-gifts-for-her-him-blogger-london (1)

If someone surprises you today with this original gift… What favour will you ask for? In my case, I think I’ll take the option of a back massage! What about you?

Let me know in the comments section!