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It doesn’t matter if summer is just around the corner… I’ll be always obsessed with hats, especially with winter hats (beanies!) So it has been love at first sight with this colorful and beautiful model… OMG, this pom pom! what a funny detail!


Luxury Italian merino wool bobble hat in Blackcurrant. The hat is created from the finest quality wool and is made and hand finished in England. Its softness and timeless elegance are just two characteristics that make this fabric so unique. Merino fibres are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibres. This makes Merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin and kind to your hair.

The Raccoon Fur Pom Pom is 19cm and is supersoft to touch. It is detachable via a metal popper, allowing you to mix and match the bobble on top.

1raw1_19298ABOUT THE BRAND

“In a New York Minute, Everything Can Change…”  Don Henley

Inspired by the bright lights and fast pace of New York City, BKLYN takes its name from NYC’s most happening borough Brooklyn. We specialise in luxury hats and accessories for men, women and kids using only the finest Italian merino wool. Our garments are all made AND hand finished in England, ensuring quality of finish and attention to detail to each and every product that we sell.

Beanie BKLYN

17 thoughts on “BKLYN Pom Pom”

  1. Dreammerin says:

    These photos are very sweet and I like the color of your hat (Blackcurrant). Very unique color I can only say! Great inspiration for the winter time!

  2. Gloria W. Jimenez says:

    Nice post!

  3. Laura H says:

    I love these types of hats! I wanted one exactly like this but in grey this winter but couldn’t justify buying another hat :'(

  4. Amy Scott says:

    I have a head for hats as they say. I own a shocking amount of them. I miss them so much living in Georgia! I love this color, a bit different to my usual creams and greys 🙂

  5. Nya says:

    I love these type of hats. So handy in this unpredictable UK weather! I specially love the color. Such pretty pictures.

  6. alison says:

    I have a hard time pulling off hats but I am in love with this new pom pom hat! This is so cute and would work with any size head! I love the color!

  7. Ana says:

    This pom pom is so cute. My mom used to make me wear different colors of pom-pom when I was a kid. Now I stay in Florida and we don’t get any opportunity here to wear woolen hats!

  8. Anna says:

    I absolutely love! The color is so rich and you can tell even through the photos that it’s so soft. Even better, I am in love with the fact that the pom is detachable. LOVE! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  9. Carrie says:

    Considering the weather can change at a drop of a hat here (haha like my pun). Im always looking for good winter/Fall hats! This one is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  10. Rosie Romance says:

    I’m not into hats (I get such bad hat hair!) but this one is so cute!

    Rosie |

  11. Fatima Ali says:

    This is looking really cool. I have two of these and I really like wearing them in the winters. They keep me warm and cosy. The colour is also very nice and I love how you have photographed it.

    Fatima |

  12. Ming says:

    I love the way the pom pom is used in this beanie. This is such a lovely one.

  13. sabine says:

    I think it looks cute, I rather would see it without the real fur =)

  14. suchi says:

    This is so cute! love the color! not the usual neutrals….

  15. Jessica says:

    Simply adorable. I love the colour and the simplicty of the design. Looks a prime quality as well.

  16. Tiina A says:

    This is so cute! Pom poms are always welcome – love them! And the color is gorgeous. As a matter of fact merino wool is a good material for winter and summer as well.

  17. Rakel says:

    Thanks Tiina! 🙂

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