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Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye

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1Yummy, yummy!

A couple of days ago I found this pretty biscuits box at Lidl that it brings me a lot of memories of my visit to Paris. The Champs Elysees with the Arc of Triomphe at the end is one of my favorite places of the French capital. But the fact that I’m leaving London for a beach project very soon (surprise, surprise!) and my idea about to fit into a bikini is something that I’m trying to forget after enjoying this delicious butter biscuits! haha!


7 thoughts on “Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye”

  1. amy says:

    Aw this is so cute!

    Little Moon Elephant

  2. Dania says:

    It looks so yummy!

  3. Jessi Malay says:

    Looks incredible! Great blog post girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  4. Dakota D. says:

    Looks delicious!

    Love & Peace,
    Dakota D.

  5. Meron Dymphana says:

    butter biscuits are always yummy and Paris has a lot of great treats to eat and with that you might not a bikini until you get your fit body back.

  6. elle the Elle Diaries says:

    I love butter biscuits, and that tin is fabulous, I would definitely re use it!
    xx, Elle

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