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Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Krabi

After Koh Samui, my second stop of my super trip to Thailand was Krabi. I decided to stay in an area very close to Aonang Beach, so the location of Aonang Cliff Beach Resort was perfect! This area is pretty awesome for tourists, it offers great variety of restaurants, nightlife, shops and markets to spend the day walking around and of course, I don’t forget to mention the beaches, Aonang and Railay are the most famous and you can’t miss them if you visit Krabi.


panorama suite 2THE ROOM

Aonang Cliff Beach has 97 spacious rooms distributed in different buildings. Each room is equipped with a TV, air condition, refrigerator, safe, a water kettle to make some hot tea or coffee and mini bar. Also, you have free wifi everywhere in the hotel area, which is great for surfing or working on internet.

All rooms and suites are tastefully inspired by modern Thai design. There are 5 different types of rooms: Superior room, Deluxe room, Ocean view, Panorama suite and Family Retreat room.

panorama suite 3
panorama suite 1My room, Panorama suite, offers dramatic views that capture the beauty and drama of blue skies, lush green nature, bright turquoise waters and iconic limestone cliffs and islands.


Aonang-BreakfastEvery morning breakfast is served in a cozy and chic area at Cliff Restaurant.

Delicious croissants, crepes, bread, yogurts, cereals, tea, coffee or milk are offered by the hotel staff. There are a lot of comfy seats to enjoy the most important meal of the day or it can also be taken in the comfort of your room.


Aonang has two swimming pools.

One of them is an infinity pool with an amazing view of Andaman Sea!

Aonang-Swimmingpools (3)
Aonang-Swimmingpools (2)
Aonang-Swimmingpools (1)
Aonang-Swimmingpools (4)FACILITIES


The 4 star boutique resort is located in the center of Aonang with easy access to the beach, shopping, restaurants and nightlife.


31 thoughts on “Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Krabi”

  1. Jessi Malay says:

    Obsessed with the pool!

    XO, Jessi

  2. Rakel says:

    Jessi Malay: Me too 😉 haha!

  3. Colby says:

    Everything about this place looks absolutely incredible! I hate that I wasn’t able to make my way down to the islands when I was in Thailand earlier this year, but it just gives me something to look forward to whenever I do return.

  4. Rose Sahetapy says:

    Looks like they offer great deal with the location as the extra point. The roos looks clean, and the swimming with overlooking the sea, just fabolous!

  5. Rakel says:

    Colby: Oh! What a pity! Hope you come back soon!
    Rose Sahetapy: Thank you! It’s a great hotel!

  6. Imogen Clegg says:

    Wow this looks like my idea of paradise! That breakfast spread is just amazing and the pool looks so serene!

  7. Ana De- Jesus says:

    Oh wow this is the most beautiful swimming pool I have ever seen and the hotel is stunning. I love the photography.

  8. Liz Mays says:

    This place just looks amazing. Look at that room! You have to love that pool area too.

  9. Jennifer L. } Modern Chic says:

    Everything from the room, to the views and more are just fantastic! What an amazing city and resort to be in!

  10. Subhadrika Sen says:

    I have heard a lot about Krabi and many of my friends have visited it too. But , its not on my list at the moment . However, I would love to go there one day. .

  11. Bella says:

    Oh wow, this is such a beautiful resort! I would love to visit Thailand again.

  12. Carrie says:

    Looks like a gorgeous resort! I would love to go there one day.

  13. Marta says:

    Love the pool! It looks like an ultimate luxury trip – is it?

  14. Rakel says:

    Imogen Clegg: Yes! It’s truly a paradise!
    Ana De- Jesus: The swimming pool is stunning! Thanks Ana!
    Liz Mays: Yes Liz! I loved the swimming pool! Thanks!

  15. Empire says:

    Thailand seems such a great place, I’ve always wanted to visit it.

  16. Fatima Ali says:

    Wow! This looks lovely. I would really want to go on a getaway like this. The pool looks SO good!

  17. Ana says:

    This hotel looks like an ultimate luxury. And that pool is amazing!

  18. Kalliopi Sakellariou says:

    Ok I am sooo jealous, this place is like paradise! A must visit!

  19. Jessica says:

    You’ve got the perfect spot for the infinity pool, dear. Love this chic and chill accommodation. 🙂

  20. Joanna says:

    I am jealous, that swimming pool is so inviting me right now to take a dip. I find the window-less bathroom concept very interesting. I did stay in one of these hotels one with a friend and I found it awkward. I think it’s ok for couples, but not for families or simply friends sharing a room.

  21. Kenia Mazariegos says:

    Omg the pools is breathtaking, everything about this trip screams luxury

  22. Denisa says:

    Oh boy , what would I give to be there right now , dip in that pool and swim. Very luxurious place , I love it

  23. Rakel says:

    Jennifer L. } Modern Chic : Yes Jennifer! Everything is amazing and fantastic! I can’t wait to come back!
    Subhadrika Sen: You should go! It’s a great place and I’m sure you’ll love it!

  24. Rakel says:

    Bella: Yes! It’s a fantastic resort!
    Carrie: Thanks dear.
    Marta: Yes, The pool is amazing!

  25. Erika Ravnsborg says:

    Oh wow! This looks so nice.

  26. Sophia says:

    That breakfast looks mouthwatering and that pool is so nice.

  27. Vickie says:

    so nice the room is spacious and the pool is just beautiful. Looks so peaceful.

  28. Rakel says:

    Empire: You should visit! It’s an amazing place!
    Fatima Ali: Yes! The pool is wonderful!
    Ana: It’s a great hotel! I loved spending time there!

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